How to sleep better Supporting your body the best way possible

With the right pillows you will sleep very comfortable and complaints could be prevented. Read all about it on this website. We wish you a wonderful night's rest!

Improving sleeping posture and sleep well

Sabine: As sleep therapist and exercise therapist I treat many people with sleep problems, back, neck and shoulder pain. It is important to look at our sleeping posture. People often sleep half on their side and half on their stomachs. This leads to rotation in the neck. The body pillow supports you to predominantly lie on your side and thereby prevents undue rotation of the neck. Therefore, I advise always to use not only the Hi4 but the combination Hi4 Deluxe Pillow plus Body pillow! more testimomials

Proper posture

It may be a bit difficult to get used to this 'new way' of sleeping.  We strongly advise to try and persevere for an extended period of time. It can be very beneficial to your health.

Recommended pillows

Hi4 Pillow · Deluxe

Hi4 Pillow · Deluxe

The perfecte sleeping pillow for everyone! Hi4 Deluxe - "Outer simplicity and inner genius" Easily adjustable in 8 height settings Luxury zippered c..

€ 114.90 € 129.90 Ex Tax: € 94.96

Mikoala Body Pillow

Mikoala Body Pillow

The Mikoala Body Supporter is the perfect body pillow which allows you to obtain a good sleeping posture. The dimensions and design have been carefull..

€ 49.95 € 64.90 Ex Tax: € 41.28

Hi4 Deluxe + Body Pillow

Hi4 Deluxe + Body Pillow

Set: Hi4 Deluxe + Body PillowIncludes:1 x Hi4DeluxeThe Hi4Pillow 'Deluxe' is adjustable in 8 height settings. It comes in an adjustable velour cover a..

€ 164.85 € 194.80 Ex Tax: € 136.24

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Hi4 Pillow · Deluxe

Hi4 Pillow · Deluxe..

Great pillow, after a neck hernia this pillow is great !! ...

Van Doorn 14/10/2019

Hi4 Pillow · Deluxe

Hi4 Pillow · Deluxe..

Nice sleeping pillow, also ordered the long pillow. That took some getting used to in the beginning, but now it works we ...

Deborah 04/10/2019

Hi4 Kids

Hi4 Kids..

Very good children's pillows especially for a child with scolliosis and a corset ...

Margret Olsthoorn 23/09/2019

Mikoala Body Pillow

Mikoala Body Pillow..

The side sleeping body pillow helps great in the prevention of back and hip pain. In that sense I am a happy person. ...

Francien 19/09/2019